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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2007
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Stained Glass Butterfly

This Butterfly is meant to be a fantasy rather than a real butterfly. If you do not want all the marking on your butterfly trace only those lines you want. You may use any colors on your project.

Plastic sheet (can use clear 2 liter bottle)
Black permanent marker
Paints and brush, crayons or colored pencils in colors of your choice
Masking tape
Optional: magnet, hole punch, fishing line and suction cup.


Print out the Pattern and tape it right side to the back of your plastic. Turn the plastic over so you can see the pattern through the plastic.

Using the permanent marker trace the butterfly. Remember DO NOT trace any lines you will not use. Allow the permanent marker to dry completely.

Remove the pattern and sand the back of the plastic (the side you had the pattern taped on. Sand lightly up and down and then from side to side. Sanding the plastic will help the color to stay on the plastic.

Color your butterfly using the paint and brush or crayons or your colored pencils. Fill in the colors so they are even (check by looking at the right side of your butterfly when you change colors. Allow to dry or rest between colors and when finished.

Cut out the butterfly on the outside edge of the permanent marker lines.

To finish your butterfly you may punch a hole in the head and thread a fishing line through the hole and use this as your hanger. Instead of the fishing line you may glue a magnet to the back of your butterfly and put him on a metal surface or you can glue a suction cup inplace of the magnet and put him on a window or smooth surface.

Changing the size of the pattern can give you a whole flight of pretty fantasy butterflies to hang from the light over the table, park on the refrigerator or on the windows.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2007
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