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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2006
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Welcome Spring Door Hanger

1 sheet of Cardstock, color of your choice (light colors will print better)
Crayons or paint and brush in light tan, dark tan, brown, black, pink for deer and color of your choice for letters
Optional: Laminating sheet or clear Contac


Print the pattern door hanger on cardstock. Color the deer dark tan with light tan spots, the nose and hooves are black and the eyes are a dark brown. The inside of the ears should be light tan and pink.

The letters on his sign are not very dark so you can color over them with a color you like better. Add grass, trees, clouds and flowers to the hanger as in the picture, if you wish.

After you have finished coloring your doorhanger, cut along the outside of the hanger shape sign your name on the back and it is ready to put on your doorknob or give to someone special.

Optional: If you are going to laminate the doorhanger it should be done before you cut out the hanger. This way you will cut the cardstock and the laminating sheet or Contac paper at the same time.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2006
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