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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2004
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Snow Globe

Snow Globe


Small jar with lid
Several small resin figures
Silicone glue
Baby oil enough to fill the jar
Metal primer
Paint color of your choice
Paint brush


Lightly sand the outside of the jar lid, wipe with a tack cloth and paint a coat of primer covering the entire out side of the lid. Allow to dry and then paint in the color of your choice.

When dry place a pool of silicone glue in the lid top forming a mound in the center of the lid. Leave a clear ring around the edge of the lid wide enough for the jar to fit Arrange the resin figures in the silicone glue to form a scene. Sprinkle some glitter onto the glue to look like snow on the ground. Allow to dry.

Fill the jar almost full of baby oil and add glitter to the oil.

Place a shallow ring of silicone glue around the inside edge of the jar lid turn it upside down and screw the lid onto the jar. Allow it to dry at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours, shake your globe and watch the snowfall on your little scene.

Option: Cut a circle of sticky back felt or cork the size of the jar lid and apply it to the top of the jar. When you turn your snow globe over it will have a protective base so it will not scratch the furniture.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2004
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