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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2004
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Fairy Trinket Box

Fairy Trinket Box


Whitman's Sampler (4 piece) hinged metal box
Handmade or watercolor paper 6" X 12"
3/4" head bead or wooden bead with face drawn on it
12" cloth covered wire
Small silk carnation
Round filigree finding
Small amount doll hair
White or off white embroidery floss
8" piece of green silk ribbon
2 small leaves
White craft glue
Small pint brush

Armature for the doll


Cut a strip of the paper to fit around the sides of the box from the lid folding over slightly onto the bottom of the box. Clip and trim as needed to get a smooth fit. Cut a second strip to fit the edges of the lid. Trace the top and bottom of the box on the wrong side of the paper and cut the 2 pieces.

Paint the bottom of the metal box up to where the lid fits when closed, with craft glue. position the cut paper around the sides using the craft glue to smooth and hold the paper in place. Glue one of the box shaped pieces to the bottom covering the folded over edges and working it smooth with more of the glue. The handmade paper is textured and wrinkles or folds can be worked almost smooth with glue and you pain brush. Allow to dry completely.

While the bottom of the box is drying make your fairy. Fold the covered wire to form an armature (see diagram). You will wrap the neck, torso, arms, legs and feet with the floss. Beginning with the hand area wrap the single wire for a distance of 1/2" for each hand with the floss using the craft glue to hold the floss to the wire. Repeat for the other hand. Continue on each foot to wrap the toe area. Fold the center of the wrapped area of each hand and foot and then continue to wrap the entire doll. Wrap heavier in the neck and torso to give her more shape. You can use the glue to hold the wraps in place.

Glue the head bead on the neck, add the doll hair and shape her "hairdo".

The box bottom should be dry by now, turn it top side up and cover repeating the instructions for the bottom. Do not cover the raised lip of the top but trim the paper smooth along it's edge. Glue the 2 leaves positioned to look like wings on the box top. Then glue the round finding to form her crown, gluing the doll shape in place over these elements.

Remove the plastic portions of the carnation and using only the silk petals glue then in place to form the fairy's skirt. The first couple of petals should be glued to the waist and the legs as well as the box leaving the feet sticking out the bottom of the skirt. Fold up the feet now if you did not do it earlier. Trim the top of the petals as needed to form a ruffled skirt as full as you like gluing the top layers only along the top so her skirt "fluffs" up.

BeltTie the green silk ribbon in a bow around a pencil, slide it off the pencil and arrange it at the waist of the fairy so the back of the belt is placed straight across the top of the skirt petals and the bow is placed just slightly below the straight piece to form a wider belt (see diagram) then glue in place. Allow to dry.

The box can be used to hold small items or a piece of cording can be glued from a tassel at the fairy's feet across the short edge of the box bottom and up both sides to form a long necklace and used as a purse.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2004
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