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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - June/July 2001
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Candy Bar Bouquet

Candy Bar Bouquet

The bouquet can be made of a variety of different candy bars or a number of all the same brand. The green cellophane acts as the leaves and the candy bars are to resemble your flowers as if in a floral bouquet.


Container, plastic or terra cotta:
Several pieces of green cellophane :
Regular size candy bars:
Bamboo skewers, same number as candy:
Miniature candy bars:
Toothpicks, same number as mini candy bars
A piece of Styrofoam cut to fit container:
White craft glue:
Optional: Invisible tape (Scotch Tape):


Cut the Styrofoam to fit into the container. Apply glue to the bottom of the Styrofoam and glue it in place. Apply craft glue to each of your bamboo skewers and place them on the back of each candy bar. Allow to dry thoroughly and apply the invisible tape over the skewer to help anchor the candy bar. Repeat the process with each of the miniature candy barsand the toothpick. :

Cut your cellophane in squares 8" to 12". Catching the cellophane in the center pull all four corners up and tape the center fold to a bamboo skewer. Cut the skewers in different lengths and insert into the foam around the edge of the container arranging shorter pieces toward the front. Place the candy bars in a fan across the back and fill in the front with the individually wrapped candies on the toothpicks and smaller picks of the cellophane.

Add a gift card on a pick inserted to one side and your candy bouquet is ready for presentation.

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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - June/July 2001
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