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July 1999

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Quick Note from Laurieann

Hi Everyone.

School's out for many kids and summer is here!  We have some fun and easy crafts for you to make with your kids - just perfect for those rainy days or "Mom/Dad, I'm bored" times.

Have fun, stay cool, and enjoy the time with your kids.

Have fun!




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Fun Foam Critter Magnets 
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Cat, frog and mouse for patterns


  • 3" X 7" piece of Fun Foam, color of your choice
  • Permanent markers, colors of your choice
  • Magnet stick-on tape
  • Pattern
  • Scissors


Instructions: Using one of the patterns shown or draw your own pattern, make a template and trace around the template on the Fun Foam with a fine point permanent marker. Cut out the shape and with your permanent markers draw in the features and details of your critters.

Place a half inch to one inch piece of magnet tape on the back..

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by Bluebonnet Crafters
Pinwheel pattern



  • 2 - 6" squares of decorative (gift wrap) paper
  • White craft glue
  • Foam brush
  • A 6mm, E or Pony bead
  • Corsage or quilting pin
  • Dowel stick or pencil
  • Scissors


Glue gift wrap paper wrong sides together and cut in 6" squares. Using a nickel, draw a circle in the exact center of each square. Make a cut from each corner to the nickel diameter line. This will form four triangles joined by the circle in the center.

With one flat side up take the top point on the right hand triangle, fold it down across the center circle. Turning your pinwheel slightly to the left, repeat with the same point on each of the other triangles.

Beginning with the last point you folded to the center, pierce it with your corsage/quilt pin and go through each point in turn. When you have all four points on the pin place the bead on the pin and pierce the center of your drawn circle. Dip the point of the pin in glue and push it into the dowel stick or the eraser end of the pencil.

Note: You want the inserted pin, to be only as long as its journey through the paper and bead and into the wood/eraser so it may be necessary to cut the length of the pin once you have determined the length needed, have an adult do this for you..

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by Bluebonnet Crafters

Bear for stickersMonkey for a sticker

Examples of pictures you can use for your stickers.


  • Pictures, rubber stamps, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Peel 'n Stick
  • Paper
  • Sticker glue


Instructions: Stamp and color in the pictures or cut them slightly larger than the picture itself if using magazines and catalog pictures, etc. Place the Peel 'n Stick on the table and begin at one corner peeling it back, placing your pictures or designs face up, side-by-side, on the Peel 'n Stick. When you have completely covered the area of the Peel 'n Stick, cut the pictures into stickers.

The children remove the remaining paper cover from the stickers and stick them where they want them.

Alternative: In place of the Peel 'n Stick, paint the back of the cut out pictures with a mixture of two parts white craft glue and one part white vinegar. Place on waxed paper glue side up and allow to dry thoroughly.

Alternative 2: Plain white address labels can be stamped or pictures drawn and cut out or cut into squares.


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Finger Puppets or Pencil Toppers
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Lady and man finger puppets



  • Small pieces of felt, fun foam or fabric
  • Pattern
  • Yarn, ribbons, lace, buttons and trims
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Craft glue


These can be used for any age but are great for littlest crafters. Tell a story, then let the children make their puppet as one of the characters in the story or let the children write their own story and illustrate it with the puppets. Let their imaginations guide them, you just assist with the "HOW-TO".

Cut two pieces of felt, Fun Foam or fabric for the face using the pattern as a guide. Place the right sides together. Stitch or glue around the U leaving the bottom open.

The faces can be drawn, use pom poms and wiggle eyes or embroidered on..

Add hair by drawing it on or glue yarn and trim around the face. To dress your puppet add a bow just below the chin area for a collar and either glue or draw the clothing. It is only necessary to decorate the front side of the puppet, then the children can put their fingers or pencil inside and work the puppet following the story.

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Tissue Paper Butterfly
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Butterfly pattern and picture


  • 1 peg type clothespin
  • 1 black chenille stem
  • 3 rectangles of tissue paper 7" wide by 10" long in each of three different colors


Stack the three pieces of tissue paper one on top of the other. Fold in half and round the corners opposite the fold. Open them and gather along the fold inserting between the two legs of the clothespin.

Place your chenille stem between the legs of the clothespin bringing it up the front on each side of the pin.

Make a single twist at the inside laying it inside the indentation. Bring the stems to the opposite side and twist again.

This will anchor your tissue paper and form the antenna. Curl the ends so they look more natural.

Separate the three layers of tissue on each side fluffing slightly to form the wings.

Option: A bit of glue placed front and back along the center gather of the wings before inserting into the clothespin will help to anchor.

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