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HeartLetter From Laurieann
HeartSeasonal Crafts.....Valentine's Day
HeartCrafty The Bluebonnet Crafters
HeartOur Featured Artist.....Creations by Teri
HeartCrafty Kids.....Seasonal Fun For Kids!
HeartKitchen Crafts.....Fortune Cookies
HeartMore The Bluebonnet Crafters
HeartReader Round-up.....Help Out a Fellow Crafter
HeartAnnouncements.....Online Classes, New Free Stuff, New Shops, and More!
HeartContributors.....Please Visit Our Friends!

Letter From Laurieann

With Valentines Day approaching, it is the perfect time to tell you how much you, our subscribers, mean to me.  Thanks to you, the Crafty Visions Newsletter is now in its third year, AND we have over 10,000 subscribers!!!

This issue is filled with lots of fun Valentines projects for that special someone, and St. Patrick's Day projects, too!

Thank you, again, for reading Crafty Visions Newsletter and please take the time to visit/contact our wonderful contributors.



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Seasonal Crafts
by Bluebonnet Crafters

HeartWoven Ribbon Heart Appliqueweave diagram



Using paper backed fusible web draw the hearts on the paper side. They can be placed so some of your hearts have a straight up and down and crosswise weave and some placed at an angle will give you a totally different look. Use the heart pattern for other projects for patterns.

Tape the ribbons side by side to completely cover one edge of your cardboard. The next ribbon is taped at the top left side of the cardboard square. Place it over the first ribbon, under the second, over the third and continue to the other side. The second row will begin under the first, over the second, under the third, and so on.

Continue taping and weaving the ribbons until you have completed the square. Place the fusible web glue side down on top of your woven square of ribbon. Press in place following manufacturers instructions. Cut out the hearts and fuse them to your project.

You should seal the edges with fabric paint to prevent ravels or lift off.

HeartHearts & Flowers Jewelry




Roll the bread dough to a 1/8" thick slab. Cut out the heart shape and set aside to dry completely.

Form the flowers (directions below) and set aside. When all parts are completely dry glue the flowers in your own design on the heart. Add the pinback.

Rose Diagram

Take a portion of the bread dough about the size of an English pea. roll flat into a circle and gently press the edges to give the rose petals a ruffled look. Begin rolling the circle tightly then a little less tightly to form the center of the rose. Add more petals until your rose reaches the size you want. Be careful not to let the center of your rose raise as you add the next petals. Cut the shape of leaves and pinch the edges to give a more realistic look. Set aside to dry and assemble when completely dry.

Daisy diagram

Roll the dough to 1/8" thick and cut out circles, one for each daisy. place cuts from the edge toward the center leaving a solid center. Gently shape each section, with your thumb and forefinger, to form a pointed petal. To add some realism twist some of the petals.

Bread Dough Recipe



Remove the crusts and save for bread crumbs. Tear the center of the bread slice into small pieces place them in the plastic bag and add the glue. Close the zipper and knead the bag until it pulls away from the sides and forms a ball.

A small amount of talcum keeps the dough from sticking.

You can color your dough by adding a small amount of paint or food coloring to the dough as you mix it. You may also paint the finished items.

Assemble the pin to your design.

HeartCrafty Tips
by Bluebonnet Crafters

# 1. When spray painting small objects to obtain a smooth even spray place the items on a lazy susan and turn it with one hand as you spray with the other. To keep light weight items from moving apply a bit of Bluetac or temporary hold wax to the bottom of the item.

# 2. Paint the tips of tweezers with nail polish to prevent the scratching of delicate beads.

# 3. To form a good looking deckle edge fold the paper and moisten the fold. Then gently spread the piece into two pieces along the dampened edge.

HeartOur Featured Artist.....

Creations by Teri
6867 Markgraf Street
Salcha, Alaska 99714
PH: 907-488-9466 or PH: 888-480-9466 
Email: Email

I really think the very best thing about the Internet is getting to meet people I probably wouldnít run into any other way.

I am a third generation Southern Californian who has been transplanted to Alaska and is flourishing! I live in Salcha, Alaska with my husband, Mike, daughter, Meghann, 6 dogs and 1 lonely, little cat.

Salcha is about 40 miles south of Fairbanks and although we donít have many stores and our population is only 350 (I think most of the population is probably sled dogs!), we have the longest town Iíve ever seen. Salcha stretches 20 miles down the road!

We decided to build our home in Salcha because we have a breathtaking view of Mt. Margaret, who towers over everything and is white capped all year round. Salcha is a beautiful place filled with lots of trees, wildlife and wonderful people.

My first memory of crafting was when I was 6 and my mother taught me my first embroidery stitches. Iíve been going strong ever since.

Since moving to Alaska 7 years ago I have taken up crafting with both birch bark and beads - sometimes I even combine the two! I learned to craft with birch bark from my very good friend, Lynn.

Being from So. California I had never even seen a birch tree! After 7 years I still find crafting with birch bark challenging. Check out my birch facts page to learn a bit about this unique craft.

Iíve only been beading for about 5 years and I have to admit beads have become my addiction. All it took was one or two beads in a dream catcher hoop and I was gone!

I have completed the 12 step Beaders Anonymous program at Suzanne Cooperís web site, have my certificate and am a member in good standing!

Crafting, especially beading, is a spiritual experience for me. Each bead I place becomes prayer for beauty and harmony in our world. Each creation is made with love; a piece of myself goes with each creation. I hope you will stop in at the Alaska page which I will do my best to keep updated with stories about our life in this unique and beautiful state.

Since moving to Alaska 7 years ago Iíve had one great adventure after another! Donít forget to sign my guest book and drop me an Email so we can get acquainted!

Walk in light,


In this feature, we invite readers to ask a crafting question. Questions will be printed in each issue. We then would like for anyone who has an answer to these questions to please send them to me.

In the following issue, we will print the questions, the answers we received, and new questions for you to answer.

Please submit your crafting questions to


From: Sunny

I cannot locate instructions of any kind for transfer paper - I do a lot of fabric painting and generally use patterns that iron on   I have reached a point of free-hand drawing on some of my designs and on most occasions would like to transfer part or all of a design that I already have, I purchased transfer paper and noted after opening the package that there were no instructions on exactly how to use it - I would very much appreciate some instructions on how to use it especially when reversing a drawing . Thanks very much.


From: John

I am looking for a pattern for an angel made from Granny's hankie that is a no sew.



Does anyone know how to make paper? I am interested in making paper that I can use dried/pressed flowers and such. Please let me know! Thanks


From:  Gaylene

  Our problem is we are trying to make potpouri from the spent petals of our rose bushes, but when the petals are drying either on the bud or seperated from the bud they go mouldy, we have tried airing the petals while they dry with no luck, do you have any sugestions that may help? Thank you


From:  Natasha

Could you be so kind enough to help me with this: I have a nice collection of art posters, and I want them to look like real paintings. Can you propose me a technique to give them an antique look (using a varnish, painting, etc.)?
Do you have any ideas on framing them (after giving them this "antique" effect?)


From:  Carolyn

I recently bought a gingerbread ornament. It was made with real gingerbread cookie dough with a "non-toxic hardener and preservative" baked in (so said the slip of paper with the ornament). I asked the shop clerks if they knew the secret ingredient and they didn't. Do you know of something that can be added to regular cookie dough to preserve and harden it? Much obliged.

Crafty Kids.....

This issue we are using both the heart and the shamrock shaped patterns. These can be used in any of the projects of the Crafty Kids section. Both the patterns are about 4" square but can be enlarged or reduced depending on the project.

Click HERE for the Heart Pattern and HERE for the Shamrock Pattern.


HeartHeart or Shamrock Mobile

drawing of mobile



Divide the CD into 6 sections like a pie. Mark the edge of the CD and glue one bead at each of the six points around the circle with the bead's hole running from the center to the edge of the CD.

Trace the hearts or shamrocks on to the plastic (2 liter bottle) cut them out and place a small hole in the top of each one. Decorate them as you wish. A light sanding will help the color stick to the plastic.

Place three strands of fishing line together and stagger them slightly find the center, fold in half and tie in an overhand knot. Thread the loop through the seventh bead to form the hanger.

thread each of the six strands through one of the beads around the edge of the CD. Tie on the decorated plastic hearts or shamrocks so #1 is the shortest and they get a little longer until #6 is longest. Hang where it will get a little breeze and enjoy.

HeartShamrock or Heart Shaped Mouse Pad



Trace the enlarged heart or shamrock on the Fun Foam and cut on the traced line. Give to parents and friends or use yourself as a mousepad greeting card/gift.

HeartSt. Patrick's Day Lollipop




Cut out a hat shape from the black and the band and buckle from yellow felt, foam or paper and glue the hat shape to the top front of the lollipop. Add the band and buckle Optional: The band and buckle can be painted on as well as the eyes if you like. Add the bow to the lollipop stick just below the candy.

HeartHeart or Shamrock Shaped Magnetic Frame

Heart frame



Cut out the shape and cut out the center of the shape leaving a frame at least 1/4" wide. Cut your picture slightly larger than the opening. Glue your picture so it shows through the opening.

Glue a piece of magnetic tape to the back. It should be placed so it is centered on the pictures' top edge partially on the frame and part on the picture.
You can glue lace around the edge of the frame, add beads, sequins and jewels on the heart frame and add your greeting.

Kitchen Crafts.....

Fortune Cookies

The Chinese fortune cookie appears to be inspired by the West. It is unlikely that you will find a recipe for it in any authentic Chinese cookbook. According to one legend, fortune cookies were created in a moment of inspiration by a Japanese chef in the United States.These fortune slips have become a standard and fun end to many Oriental meals.
For Valentines Day you can wish your Valentine personalized good fortunes. Prepare the fortunes as they must be added while the cookie is still hot. Package in a piece of plastic wrap and place one cookie in each of your Oriental food boxes and deliver to your Valentines.


3 egg whites
3/4 c. sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 c. butter or margarine, melted
1/4 tsp. vanilla
1 c. flour
1 Tblsp. instant tea
2 Tblsp. water
Freezer paper cut in 2 X 2 1/2" strips with fortunes written on them


In medium bowl, combine egg whites, sugar and salt. Stir in thoroughly, one at a time, butter, vanilla, flour, tea and water.

Chill at least 20 minutes. Make only 2 cookies at a time.

On greased baking sheet, drop 2 slightly rounded teaspoonsful of dough 4 inches apart. Spread dough very thin with back of spoon to about 3 inches in diameter. Bake in 350 degree oven 5 minutes or until edges turn lightly brown. Remove immediately to wire rack. Cookies should be paper thin.

Working quickly, place one fortune in center of each cookie. Fold cookie in half, enclosing fortune to form a semicircle. Grasp rounded edges of semicircle between thumb and forefinger of one hand. At center of folded edge, push in with forefinger of other hand. Solid sides of cookie will pull out. Keeping forefinger in place, bring edges of fold downward around forefinger. Place each cookie in small size muffin tin, open edges up, until cookie sets. Store in airtight container. Makes about 4 dozen cookies.

Option: Instead of making your own fortune cookie you can purchase fortune cookies that already have the fortune in them at most grocery stores.

Oriental Food Box

A piece of light cardboard or paper 8 1/2" square
6" chenille stem
Embellishments for the box
Empty ball point pen or orange wood stick to make creases
Pattern - Click HERE for pattern.


Print out the pattern and cut out the box shape. Using your orange wood stick or empty ball point pen score each of the fold lines. Use a light touch so they don't tear. Fold the four corners to meet and punch a hole in the corner where marked to hold the handle.

Make a wide U shape of your chenille stem and insert one end through both pieces on one side bringing it across the top and inserting in the two holes on the other side. Pinch each end of the stem to form a hook. Place a cookie in the box. Fold the two smooth end flaps in, cut a slit where marked and anchor your box closed by inserting the hook flap into the slit.

The box can be decorated with small lightly sharpened dowel sticks painted to look like chop sticks, stickers, hearts, etc.

Creamed Salmon


1 can of salmon
1 can of English peas or peas & onions
1 can of cream of celery soup
1 can refrigerated biscuits or your favorite biscuit recipe
Optional: Cookie cutter (heart of shamrock)


Prepare the biscuits according to the instructions. As you place them on the sheet you can pinch them into a heart shape for a Valentine meal.

Add one half can of skimmed milk or water to the cream of celery soup. Whisk until smooth. Fold in the drained salmon and drained vegetable. Heat until the sauce begins to bubble.

Break open the biscuit on the plate and spoon the creamed mixture over the biscuit.

Optional: You can use diced cooked ham in place of the salmon. Shape the biscuits into a heart for Valentine's Day or a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day.

More Crafts

HeartTin Can Punched Candle Holders, Shamrock or Hearts

Picture of punched can


Tin can
Awl, ice pick or hammer and nail as a punch tool
Water & freezer
Votive candle
Sandpaper or emery board


Cut the top out of the tin can and use the sandpaper/emery board to smooth the cut area to prevent accidents.Fill the can 3/4 full of water. Place it in the freezer and allow to freeze overnight.

Using the pattern as a guide trace hearts or shamrocks around the can using your punch tool make holes along the outline of the heart or shamrock. When you have finished punching the holes turn the can, open side down, in the sink allowing the ice to melt and run down the drain. Leave it draining until dry. Carefully place your votive candle in the bottom of the can. Light the candle to show the design.

Option: You may fill some of the shapes with holes leaving others just outlined.

HeartSculptured Paper Bowl


1 or more sheets of white cotton linter
Water (3 parts water to 1 part cotton linter)
Baby chicken wire approximately 9" X 36"
Pot or plastic box large enough to hold wire sculpture
Spool of thin gauge wire
Food processor or blender
Paint and embellishments of your choice
Acrylic sealer


Fold one inch of the wire down to give a smooth top edge. Attach the two ends of the chicken wire together using the spool wire to hold them together. Gather the bottom edge of the wire to meet forming the bottom of the bowl. Use your spool wire to anchor it in place.

Your bowl will have irregular sides and bottom which will be dipped into the container of paper mixture.

Tear the cotton linter into small pieces and add 3 parts water to 1 part cotton linter in the blender or food processor and process until smooth and creamy. Add bits of colored thread, glitter or metallic thread and pour into the vessel.

The vessel should be large enough to hold your wire bowl so it can be completely submerged. Dipping your sculpture may be messy so protect your work area or move it outdoors.

In your vessel your dipping compound should be 90 percent water to 10 percent of the prepared paper pulp. Dip the bowl completely submerging it and allow to dry completely after each dipping.

You can form a vine, leaves or flowers using the spool wire and dipping them once or twice and attaching to the bowl and dipping the whole another time.

Drying can be done over buckets or can be hung to drip dry over paper. After the sculpture has reached the degree of coverage you like and is completely dry seal the entire sculpture and any decorative additions with an acrylic sealer. Acrylic paint decorations can be added before the sealer.

Reader Round-up

Some of our readers are trying to round-up the answers to the following questions:
Please submit your questions to

???I was wondering if anyone have any ideas to decorate wooden spoons as gifts for any occasions, for kids to make or for decorating purposes. Thanks, Angie.

???I would like to know how to sell at craft fairs in Las Vegas.  Can someone tell me how I would get on the proper mailing lists?  Thanks.

???I am looking for different size display cases made with wood and glass for different size dolls.  I found some that are made of plexiglass but only certain sizes.  I'd like to find more of a variety since my dolls are all different sizes and shapes.  Thank you.   DonnaDolls@

???Help!! I am looking for a dough craft recipe that is made with bread, water, and glycerin. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Gina.

???How do you make scented pine cones?

???I am trying to get hold of some log cabin templates created by a lady in the Netherlands, I believe her name is something like Willamena Wik??? But the templates are amazing and I would like to buy some yet I can not find anyone who distributes them, or has even heard of them. Do you have anyone I could contact or have you seen them?

???I am looking for instructions on making German star ornaments.  Do you know where I can find information on this type of craft. Sincerely,Jean

???I saw someone with a "mouse all dressed up in gingham - make from a tomato cage and holding a tray/basket" at around Christmas time and I love it. It's about 30 inches tall I think. Does anyone have instructions for this?  I would appreciate it anyone can help. Laura

???I am looking for a pattern for a ladies garment bag.  It should be one long enought to carry a womans dress.  I would like to make it out of doubled sided quilted material.  Do you know where I could obtain such a pattern?
Thank you, Neilly

???I was wondering if you have ever seen a receipe for the dough jars.  They are craft jars that some of the crafters are making that are done with Mason Jars.  Then, a type of dough, ie.. bread dough is made up and baked on top of the lid.  Then, the dough along with the small minature toys are placed on top of the dough via hot glue and then dipped into polyurathane.  Have you ever see a recipe for this dough, or the directions for it?  Thanks  Lori

???I have searched the net unsuccessfuly for the recipes for the different cookie, cocoa and brownie mixes you can put in a jar.  If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know.

???My granddaughters want to have a snowman party! Please, does anyone have any ideas for me? Simple snowman crafty ideas? Foods? Help!

???My daughter, who is 13, would like to make a pocketbook out of a pair of blue jeans.  She thinks she saw a magazine article on it, but we cannot find it anywhere.  Can you help us? Dante

???Hi!  I saw your newsletter and wondered whether you might know a wholesale source for those grubby candles everyone is crazy about.  Thanks so much. Karen

???Does anyone know of a web site where I can find free "scherenschnitte" papercutting patterns?  Please contact me at  Thank you!

Please submit your questions to


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