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January, 2000

Published by

World Wide Visions
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Letter From Laurieann

Hi Fellow Crafters,

 The year 2000 is here! This will be the age of the Internet.  Not just the age for e-commerce and big business but for the sharing and exchanging of ideas world wide by people like you and me.   There are no limits to what can be learned and shared especially with a subject like arts and crafts!

Our goal is to continue to support the online arts and crafts community and with the help of our wonderful contributors and subscribers continue to bring you fun projects and helpful information. 

Enjoy the newsletter and Happy New Year! 




If you want a condensed copy of this newsletter e-mailed to you, send a request to cvnjan00@craftyvisions.com.

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Heart buttonSeasonal Crafts

A Handmade Valentine Card
designed by Bobbi A. Chukran

Valentine Card


This Valentine card is easy and fast to make, and uses scraps of handmade recycled papers. You can use commercial papers, or make your own paper. Bobbi offers a class on making handmade paper online at Crafty College. Click HERE for More Information!


  • 7x10" piece of heavy card stock, handmade paper, or watercolor paper for the card base, or a commercial undecorated card
  • 4 1/2 x 6" scrap of dark red handmade floral/herbal paper for second layer
  • One paper doily (10" wide) or paper lace ribbon or fabric lace pieces
  • A small piece 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" of light red/pink handmade paper for heart
  • Thin-point felt-tip pen for writing message on the inside of card
  • Tacky Glue or glue stick
  • Craft scissors
  • heart-shaped button or charm
  • 16" pieces of gold, pink, red or other matching ribbon
  • Option: Old envelope for pattern, and piece of matching paper for envelope to fit card.
  • Heart Pattern 1 - Click HERE
  • Heart Pattern 2 - Click HERE
Due to the difference in printers the size of the pattern pieces may print out slightly larger or smaller. In the sample card the small heart is 3" across the widest point and the larger heart is 4 1/4" across at the widest point. Adjust to size. 


Note: If you are not using a commercial ready-made card--fold the 7x10" piece of paper in half to make a finished 5x7" base card.

1. Tear edges of dark red piece of paper to give them an uneven look.

2. Glue the red paper to the center of the base card.

3. Cut a heart shape out of the center of a paper doily or lace using Heart Pattern #2. Glue this to the center of the red paper.

4. Cut two 5" strips from the curved edge of doily to fit along the top and bottom edge of the base card. Glue to top and bottom edges, using tiny dots of glue.

5. Cut the smaller center heart from the light red or pink piece of handmade paper using Pattern No. 1. Glue this to the center front of the card.

6. Glue a button, charm or finding to the center of the heart using Tacky Glue or hot glue. If you are using a button, carefully cut the shank off the back first using your craft scissors.

7. Poke two small holes at the fold of the card and thread the ribbons through. Tie them in a bow on the outside of the card. Hint! If you put a dot of Tacky Glue on the knot of the bow, it won't come untied.

8. Write a message inside the card, and sign your name on the outside back!

Make Your Own Envelope

You can make your own envelope to fit your card if you want to. All you need is an old envelope that fits your card for a pattern, and a piece of paper large enough to fit the pattern on.

1. Carefully tear or steam open the envelope.

2. Draw around it with a pencil onto another piece of paper.

3. Make the folds by creasing the paper against a ruler.

4. Assemble the envelope by using a glue stick.

5. Decorate the envelope with rubber stamps, stickers or glitter pens!

6. Here's another hint--if you're going to mail the card, place it in it's envelope in a small padded envelope first. Otherwise, your charms or buttons have a good chance of being smashed by the postal service.

Editor's Note:

Bobbi A. Chukran is the editor and publisher of The Country Cottage Herb Gardener, a free e-mail newsletter published monthly on herb gardening, herbal and floral crafts, and cooking with herbs. She also teaches on-line classes for Crafty College (http://CraftyCollege.com). You may contact her at: bobbi.chukran@mindspring.com or visit her website at: http://www.LimestoneLedge.com

**** Handmade Paper Class - Taught Online ****

Registration is now open for the Herbal Handmade Papermaking class at Crafty College beginning on January 31, 2000.  Click HERE for More Information!

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Heart Wreath


Valentine Wreath


  • 3 cups pink or red excelsior 
  • 1 cup fabric stiffener
  • Pink, red or white ribbon
  • Small white flowers
  • White craft glue
  • Chenille stem
  • Zipper type plastic bag
  • Option: Candles and candle holders 

Place the excelsior in the zipper bag and add fabric stiffener. Work the stiffener through the excelsior molding it into the shape of a heart. When the stiffener is evenly distributed throughout cut two sides of the bag and open flat allowing your heart to dry on the plastic. 

When completely dry bring the ribbon from the lower left side of the point diagonally across the heart and glue in place. 

Make your bow and add a few streamers. Center half of a chenille stem around the bow, twist then insert the chenille stem into the heart at the upper right end of the ribbon. 

Glue the small flowers randomly into the excelsior over the entire surface of the heart. 

Twist the second half of the chenille stem to form a hanging loop and dip in glue and insert in the top of the heart as a hanger. 

Option: Candles and candle holders can be added when used as a centerpiece. 

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Heart buttonCrafty Tips
by Bluebonnet Crafters

# 1. For ideas for your crafting check out the greeting card aisle. Many of the cards can spark ideas, especially for seasonal crafts. 

# 2. A prescription bottle with the child proof lids make great storage for beads and small craft supplies. 

# 3. Save old plastic table cloths, drop cloths and shower curtains. Use them to protect your working area when gluing or painting.

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Heart button Crafty Kids.....

Valentine Necklace

Heart pendants



  • Bread dough recipe
  • Wilton "Be Mine" mini candy molds
  • Short pieces of lightweight wire
  • Pony beads in red, white, clear, pink or a combination of colors
  • Rattail cord
  • Wire cutter
  • White craft glue
  • Waxed paper
  • Talcum powder
  • Fine line paint pen

Prepare your bread dough recipe. Lightly dust a little talcum in each mold. Place a ball of smooth colored bread dough in each mold picking the molds you will use by the saying written on them. 

Firmly press the dough into the mold until all areas are filled. Gently tap the mold and turn it over letting the small heart shapes land on waxed paper. 

Take the short piece of wire, form a loop and twist the ends together. Dip the twisted end in craft glue and insert in the dip at the top of hear heart to form the hanger loop. 

Allow to dry thoroughly. This will take at least overnight, possibly longer depending on the humidity. Be sure to turn the hearts over at least once during the drying period so they dry completely. 

Use the paint pen to color the wording on the hearts.

Insert the rattail cord into the first Pony bead. Tie a knot around the bead. Add a drop of glue to the bead to anchor. Add Pony beads in clear, red, pink and white in the design of your choice. Evenly space the heart pendants toward the center of the cord. Complete the length with the pony beads repeating the tying and gluing of the last bead. Tie the cord in a knot being sure the necklace is long enough to fit over your head. 

Option: You can use the hearts as a pendant without the pony beads or add them as dangles to earrings or bracelets. 

Bread Dough Recipe


  • 1 Slice of white bread or use 2 Tablespoons of Cornstarch
  • 1 Tablespoon of white craft glue
  • Zipper type plastic bag

Remove the crusts and save for bread crumbs. Tear the center of the bread slice into small pieces place them in the plastic bag and add the glue. If using cornstarch Put glue in bag first and add cornstarch as you mix to get the correct consistency. Close the zipper and knead the bag until it pulls away from the sides and forms a ball.

A small amount of talcum keeps the dough from sticking.

You can color your dough by adding a small amount of paint or food coloring to the dough as you mix it. You may also paint the finished items.

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I Love Reading Bookmark



  • Small piece of red felt or heart sticker
  • Pink Fun Foam
  • White craft glue
  • Black Sharpie pen
  • Small tassel or skein of red embroidery floss
  • Scissors

Using the pattern, cut out one bookmark shape from the Fun Foam. Cut or punch a hole approximately half an inch from one end in the center of the width of the bookmark. 

Cut a small red heart (or use a sticker). Place the heart in the center of the bookmark as shown. With the Sharpie pen print "I 'heart' 2 Read".


Wrap the embroidery floss around a piece of cardboard 2" wide. Cut a piece of floss 8" long, fold in half and place the cut ends through the loop of floss tying it tightly forming the top of the tassel.

Using an additional piece of floss measure down from the knot about a half inch and wrap the strand around tying it in a knot. A small amount of craft glue on both knots will help them stay tied. Trim the ends of the tassel cutting through the loops. 

Insert the folded end hanger loop of your tassel through the hole in the bookmark, then put the tassel through the loop to lock it in place.

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Heart buttonKitchen Crafts.....

Valentine Cake

  • Pound Cake, Frozen or from a mix
  • Strawberry or Cherry Pie Filling, canned or homemade 
  • Whipped topping or cream
  • Small heart shaped cookie cutter

Slice the pound cake in 1/4" thick slices, two per serving. Arrange a full slice of pound cake on each serving plate, top with Strawberry filling.

Use the cookie cutter to cut a heart shape from the center of the second slice for each serving. Place the slice with the cut out on top of the filling and fill the opening with more filling arranging the heart cutout slightly off center on top of the filling so the filling will show. 

Serve with the whipped topping on the side. 

Woven Heart Place Card/Party Favor

Woven Heart Favor



  • 1 piece of white paper 3" X 9"
  • 1 piece of pink or red paper 3" X 9"
  • Scissors
  • Chocolate heart, fresh flower, Valentine pick etc.
  • Curling ribbon in white and pink or red
Pattern piece
This pattern is placed with the flat end on the fold of the paper.


Cut out the pattern piece from one white piece of paper and one red or pink piece for each heart. 

This little basket is known by several names. Among them Scandinavian or Swedish Woven Basket. I learned and have always just called it a Heart Shaped Woven Basket. It seems very confusing but using two colors makes it a little clearer and easier to see.

Fold your paper in half and place the flat side of the pattern on the fold and cut out. Then, cut from the folded end toward the rounded end to approximately an inch and a half from the rounded end forming three equal portions. In other words your cuts should be the full width of the pattern piece plus a small amount. You will need one each of the two colors.

During the weaving process constantly check to be sure you can open the heart basket. This will let you know immediately if you have made an error in the weaving. 

Step one in weaving the hearts


Hold the white paper in your right hand and the pink in your left hand. Place the first white portion inside the fold of the first pink portion. When held in front of you these will be the inside two pieces. 

Step two weaving the heart

Place the middle pink portion inside the fold of the first white portion. Insert the first white folded piece inside the last pink fold. 

Step three weaving the heart

Place the first (center most) pink portion inside the middle white piece. Place the middle white piece inside the fold of the middle pink piece and the final pink fold inside the center white fold. The final white fold goes inside the first pink fold. The center pink fold goes inside the final white fold and the final white fold goes inside the final pink fold. 

Final step straighten woven heart


This completes the weaving portion. Gently grasp the rounded portion of each side and adjust until the weaving forms a smooth outside edge. You will be able to open the heart so it forms a basket.

Finished Woven heart


To personalize you can write the name on one of the rounded parts of the heart. A fresh flower or Valentine pick can be threaded along the middle white portion sliding under the middle pink portion. This can be decorated with curling ribbon or other embellishments of your choice. 

Nuts, candy a chocolate heart or a small gift can be placed in the basket. These baskets can then be used as place cards or small hand out gifts. 

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Winter craft buttonWinter Craft

Greeting Card Basket

We are giving the instructions for this basket made of greeting cards now before you have a chance to throw out all your pretty seasonal cards. This is an excellent craft to be done with the children. You can teach them how to overcast and do the blanket/buttonhole stitch. 

The pattern is for a small basket but can be enlarged to fit your available cards. They can be made with any greeting cards seasonal, birthday, anniversary, etc.


  • 2 square greeting cards
  • 12 rectangular cards
  • Large embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss or plastic lacing
  • Clear contact paper
Pattern for basket bottomPattern for sides of basket


You will use 6 rectangular cards for the lining of your basket and 6 for the outside. The 2 square cards will form the bottom. Place the picture area of each card face down on the sticky side of the clear contact paper. 

Using the pattern pieces cut each of the rectangular cards with one flat side and a flared top. Cut the six sided figure from the two square cards. Each card should have the clear plastic coating on the picture side.

Place them wrong sides together deciding which picture will be the inside and which will be the outside. Lay them out on the table with the six sided figure in the center. This will be the bottom of your basket and the twelve flared pieces will form the six sides. 

Thread your embroidery needle with the floss (all six strands) or the plastic lacing. Stitch two side pieces wrong sides together to the two bottom piece and continue stitching each section in turn until you have completed the basket. Using the same thread buttonhole stitch around the entire top. 

You may use an awl, an ice pick or a hole punch around the edge of each section to make it easier to stitch.

These baskets can be used to hold lightweight ornaments, treats or potpourri. 

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