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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2005
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Belt Charm
Belt Charm
Lanyard hook
6 Clear 8mm Bicone beads
4 Blue 8mm Bicone beads
3 Red 8mm Bicone beads
3 sport charms (I used a football, helmet & megaphone)
Beading thread 1 yard

The beads used in the sample are all clear with a colored center. I used 10 beads out of a package of 50 beads. The Charms came in a package of 3 and also included jump rings which were not used in this project..


Center the 1 yard length of beading thread and tie it in a square knot through the lanyard hook. Using 1 end of the thread alternate the red then blue then red and blue bead, go through the 1st charm (megaphone) and return through the 4 beads back to the hook. Tie a square knot using the empty threa and the beade thread to anchor to the lanyard.

Place 3 beads (alternating red, blue, red) on one leg of the beading thread add the 2nd charm (football)on the thread and return through the beads to tie in a square knot with the empty thread through the lanyard hook.

On the empty thread leg place 6 clear beads add the helmet charm and return through the 6 beads. Tie off in a square knot through the laynard hook and trim the ends.

Hook through your belt loop, zipper tab, on your purse or backback. These charms can be made using school colors for school spirit but can also be made with any colors to go with what you are wearing. They make nice small gifts and can be traded with your friends.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2005
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